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Having suffered with sciatica for number of months last year(2013),I turned to Hilary for reflexology in my search for sol;ace. Prior to treatment,I think it was fair to say I was sceptical as to how reflexology could be.How wrong could I be! Through expert manipulation of me feet,it was amazing what I found out about my own body.After the first session, I overslept and was very late for work(maybe too relaxed!).Within weeks, I found the tension being released from my body and through her guidance learn how to reduce the pain I was experiencing in my lower back.After3/4 treatments,the frequent back pain began to recede and this allowed me to exercise pain free once again on a regular basis. Hilary adopts a warm and endearing approach to her reflexology sessions,professional in her execution and helps her clients achieve the results they are looking for.

Paul, Hertford

I have visited Hilary for reflexology many times and I would highly recommend her.She is a caring and intuitive healer and she gives a very relaxing and therapeutic treatment.


I have been having regular reflexology treatments with Hilary as I dance a lot and have experienced a lot of discomfort in my feet. I find Hilary very welcoming,easy to get on with and thorough in the treatment she provides,using the full range of her skills to support the healing process.My feet always feel much more flexible,relaxed and free from aches and pains afterwards and I am sure that the course of treatments I have undergone have resulted in a marked improvement in the health of my feet


I did not know I needed reflexology until I met Hilary. I soon discovered the life changing benefits and since having treatments,I sleep better,feel less anxious and have found comfort.

Tracey, Ware

I've suffered with fairly severe and frequent vertigo (spinning room) spells on and off since the age of 15- I am now 33.The past few years my vertigo has been particularly persistent and bad enough that I was unable to make it in to work. Seeking relief, I started seeing Hilary for foot reflexology. With her kind hands and heart my vertigo has improved greatly. I no longer have vertigo every morning and hardly miss a day off work. Hilary helped me heal physically and with her caring spirit she also helped me work through some deep emotional wounds that I wasn't aware was contributing to my illness. I cannot thank Hilary enough!

Julie R, North Bay, Ontario.

A broken pelvis many years prior had plagued me with the resultant low back and hip pain that made my career as a horse trainer and professional rider a physical challenge on many days.Reflexology treatments with Hilary Price Jones alleviated the pain to the extent that I was able to stop relying on pharmaceuticals for pain management and function normally and comfortably.Had I known that relief was only a reflexology treatment away I would have sought out treatments years earlier.

Shelly E, North Bay,Ontario

I would like to let others know what a difference Hilary has made in my life. I aspire to be a very active person but after suffering for years with shoulder and hip pain due to injuries incurrred in a car accident, my active lifestyle was becoming increasingly painful. I had tried many therapies with limited success-chiropractic, physiotherapy,massage therapy-but after meeting Hilary and undergoing reflexology treatments with her, I experienced more relief from my pain and stiffness than any of the previous therapies combined. Hilary's kind manner and high level of expertise made me look forward to every appointment and the corresponding sense of well being that followed...I highly recommend her as a therapist.

Mary J, Equestrian Rider and Coach, North Bay, Ontario

At 9 years of age my son began to suffer what seemed to be migraine headaches. We allergy tested, we eye tested, we saw our family physician.It is terrible to see a child suffer,so we turned to analgesic pain relief, but it was completely unsatisfactory. When Hilary Price Jones began reflexology treatments, Piper's headaches immediately decreased in severity and frequency. Now 12, Piper recalls this as his greatest period of relief from his migraines.

Shelly E, North Bay , Ontario

Count me in as a very satisfied client for reflexology services given by Hilary Price Jones. She has provided amazing service and treatments which have helped relieve my various aches and pains, particularly my "troublesome," swollen left knee.I highly recommend her as an accomplished practitioner of reflexology.

Amy C, North Bay, Ontario

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