What happens in a session?

Foot Reflexology:
Before the treatment begins you will be asked questions about your medical history.You will then be asked to remove your footwear and be placed in a relaxing and comfortable position on either a massage table or reclining chair.
To start, your feet will be cleaned and inspected for any common foot problems. Then the treatment begins with a variety of gentle warm up techniques followed by a thumb or finger walking motion over all the reflex points of both feet. During your treatment you can choose to listen to relaxing music.
Once the treatment is complete you can discuss your treatment/wellness plan with Hilary.
Initial sessions usually last from 60-90 minutes, subsequent sessions from 45-60 minutes.

Ear Reflexology:
The format for the ear reflexology session is similar to the foot session. Please ask Hilary how ear reflexology could be of particular benefit to you.

Maternity Reflexology
A clients needs from a reflexology session may vary depending on what stage they are treated in their parenting journey.

Reflexology supports individuals and couples to be prepared for conception both physically and mentally.The treatments help balance relax and de stress.

During pregnancy women go through many varied changes-physical,hormonal and emotional. Reflexology can help alleviate common pregnancy ailments.

Many midwives will recommend reflexology as a natural method of helping bring on labour in a post term pregnancy.

The experience of labour and looking after a new born can be a shock to the system. Gentle reflexology treatments can help release tension, increase energy and improve sleep.

**Maternity Reflexology is a complementary therapy to help support maternity clients and is not a replacement for medical or obstetric care.

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